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Join Canaries Trust and become part of a fast growing shareholder in Norwich City Football Club.



To date the Trust has purchased £38,600 of NCFC Ordinary Shares on behalf of NCFC fans.


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The Canaries Trust is part of a network of Supporters Trusts throughout the UK and is run on a non-profit basis by volunteers with the primary purpose of raising funds to buy shares in Norwich City Football Club on behalf of the fans.

With modern football moving from its community roots to a more corporate approach it is only by supporters holding a significant shareholding that they can be sure of having a voice on important matters. That is not to say that the Trust has any militant intentions. If you feel the need to march on Carrow Road with flaming torches and pitchforks whenever the club has a run of bad results then this is not the organisation for you.

However, if you want to show your support for the club by having a stake in a growing shareholding and a channel for sensible dialogue with the club on matters that fans care about then hopefully you will come on board. For example we are currently discussing the ideas of making Carrow Road an Asset of Community Value with the club to preserve it for future generations, looking into the issue of safe standing and liaising with the rail companies on issues relating to supporter travel problems.

We are also actively involved via our affiliations to Supporters Direct and the Football Supporters Federation with more national issues, such as trying to obtain agreement from clubs to cap the price of away tickets and to combat homophobia and racism at grounds as well as safe standing.

However, the most important reason for the Canaries Trust is that players, managers and even owners come and go but through the good times and the bad the fans are there for life.

A large shareholding is an insurance policy against unforeseen events at our Football Club.

As football becomes a bigger and bigger business, few fans are able to retain a share in the ownership of their clubs. The result has been that the fans' voice on matters affecting their clubs' futures grows weaker.

The record of “new owners” taking over Clubs has been worrying, sometimes leading to asset stripping, change of Club identity and relocation of football stadia. A strong fan share base can help fight such problems.

Joining the Trust is a way to buy your own share in the ownership of Norwich City Football Club for £12 a year, considerably less than the price of an individual NCFC share. By allowing fans to own shares collectively we can ensure that owning a share of the club becomes a realistic goal for many more Norwich City fans.

Membership of Canaries Trust and paying the annual subscription enables the Trust to purchase new shares from the Club on a regular basis and to increase the fans stakeholding and their voice in the Club.

The Canaries Trust is therefore wholly reliant upon income from both new members (click Sign Up tab) and existing members, from both paying and renewing their annual subscriptions each year.The Trust can also accept, ad hoc monetary donations.

We also undertake various fund raising initiatives throughout the year, such as the Canary Challenge and our attendance at the Royal Norfolk Show.

The Canaries Trust is able to accept from existing shareholders within Norwich City Football Club PLC, both share donations and bequests. Our Trust Secretary will be delighted to assist you with this process (follow the NCFC Shares tab).

The Trust is also willing to purchase shares from individuals, subject to the availability of funds and price required.

However you choose to assist us, your contributions are very much appreciated.



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